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Thermos grills, portability at its best, reviewed

Thermos Grills 2 Go are transportable gas units that provide the mobility of a portable, and the cooking capabilities of a full size gas unit. Thermos Grills 2 Go also act as a cooler. The head pops up on demand while the cooler acts as a base giving you the option of taking not only the grill but all the food in one unit.

Thermos Grills 2 Go include everything, even a bottle opener. This portable has a griddle area for cooking breakfast or any other small thing. On the bottom it has a 100 gallon cooler. The cooler acts as a base giving the unit more stability. The large cooking surface gives you the ability to cook a lot of food for a portable.

The portable Thermos Grills 2 Go offers immediate cooking for people who like a speedy setup, versatile cooking surface, and no leaping flames. Quick and simple to assemble, the unit breaks down into tidy pieces for flexible storage and easy transportation. If you need more room, there are insertable side tables, for easy clean-up- a detachable grease receptacle with stopper, and storage notches for spatula, tongs, and cleaning comb. Probably the most complete portable on the market.