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Great for outdoor cooking any time of the year

Sunbeam grills strive to make their units easy to use for anyone, wether you cook during the summer or anytime throughout the year. Sunbeam grills are equipped with dual side heat controls, and the push button start. It also has two large tables on each side of the unit that is handy for bbq sauce, plates or whatever else you need.

Sunbeam grills are pretty simple to put together. You basically need to put in a few screws and put in the rack and start cooking. This means alot to most people, I'm sure to you as well. This type of unit is a convenient way to cook outdoors for a small group. You don't have to wait, just turn on and cook. If you use foil, you'll have no dishes to wash.

Parts for Sunbeam grills always seem to be available by mail and are easy to obtain. If you have a covered deck you can barbeque in winter, stay inside and watch it. Because its gas, it heats up quick so your wait limit is short. The fuel cylinder lasts a long time and easily replaced.