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Powerful natural gas grills and barbeques ensure versatility, durability, and BBQ cooking excellence

Use our online shopping guide to find natural gas grills and propane barbeques. Read reviews of name brand products and comparison shop for natural gas grills and barbeques at our online store below. Having an idea about how you like to cook outside and following a few guidelines will help you make a more educated decision in buying your next BBQ.

First, start to think about how you like to cook on natural gas grills, propane barbeques. Do you like putting your meat on the BBQ and then walking away until it is done or do you like cooking things fast and hot. Will you be doing a lot of cooking throughout the year and generally for how many people will you be cooking for per cookout.

Buying Tips

When purchasing natural gas grills or propane barbeques you should consider the following standards for your BBQ. To keep you from having to spend money on parts that shouldn't have broken in the first place, make sure the manufacturer has a good warranty. Next, make sure that the burner is big enough for the grill. If not, that means lots of hot and cold spots.

Natural gas grills and propane barbeques have flame taming devices. Make sure they cover the entire burner. If not salt and grease from the food you cook can cause damage. The more exposed the burner is the faster it burns out. The flame tamer should be directly over and completely cover your burner, not to the side like some do.

If you like steaks then you'll want to use powerful natural gas grills and propane barbeques to make sure you cook your steak at, at least 600 degrees. If you live on the coast or where it is humid choose a 304 stainless steel BBQ which inhibits rust, not a 430 which is a lesser grade.

Presently the top six brands for natural gas grills and propane barbeques are: DCS, Fire Magic, Weber, Bull, Crown Verity, and Solaire.  Enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends as you cook and eat together in your own backyard.

Other equipment includes electric, smoker, and charcoal grills, plus grill islands and cast iron cookware.

Most popular grill brands below...

DCS Gas Grills

We test and study every grill on the market. Even if we do not carry it, we test it. DCS is by far the best. The DCS is capable of 1060 degrees high end tempeture and can get as low as 225 degrees. This grill has only a 6 degree temperature variance on any part of the grill. That is maximum temperature control.

Fire Magic Gas Grills

Firemagic grills are unique, and include a patented cooking system. Add your wood chips and/or charcoal underneath the grates for dual fuel cooking! This grill will make you want to cook much more and have big neighborhood cookouts. Try not to eat too much!

Weber Gas Grills

A Weber gas grill is a Weber gas grill. They have been around for ever and they keep making this grill better as it ages, especially the new weber upgrades with all stainless internal parts.


Bull Gas Grills

Bull gas grills offer an introduction into the stainless gas bbq market without breaking the bank.

Crown Verity Gas Grills

Crown Verity Gas Grills are great whether you want to Cater or cook for a smaller party. This will make any backyard griller a bbq chef!

Solaire Gas Grills

Solaire Gas Grills Superstore! cook with the intense heat of infared gas grills -- they put the new meaning to cooking fast steaks.