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Grill islands are a great way to customize outdoor kitchens and add value to your home

Grill islands and outdoor kitchens can easily be found using our online merchant guide below. Grill islands are large, stationary structures that have space for a gas grill, plenty of counter space and can include for outdoor kitchens anything you would have in your indoor cooking area. Nowadays cabinets, refrigerators and even dishwashers are designed for outside use and can easily be built into a barbeque island.

Grill islands are almost completely customizable for outdoor kitchens. The enclosure you want, you choose and then pick out the charcoal or gas BBQ and other amenities and appliances you might want. Your barbeque island after you order it will be delivered to your home and if they need to they can bring a crane to get it in place.

Grill islands need to be placed in the proper location before any outdoor kitchens can be set up, so plan ahead. Choose a space away from existing structures. Local authorities for fire-code regulations might need checking before you settle on a place. Consider building vents and fire-proof barriers around your BBQ if you need or want it to be closer to your house.

Grill islands are great for those dreaming of having professional appearing outdoor kitchens. You don't need to know anything about masonry, plumbing, or basic construction. These prefabricated cooking areas come in all shapes and sizes plus offer a whole host of amenities. These units are increasing in popularity and can be expensive, they are also a good investment which can add value to your home.

Other equipment includes electric grills, smoker, and natural gas, plus charcoal, and cast iron cookware.