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Ducane Gas Grills deliver superior versatility and construction, reviewed

Ducane Gas Grills seek to produce versatile cooking units, made of durable well constructed material. Many features that are options on some units come standard with Ducane Gas Grills. They produce their units with the serious cook or chef in mind. Versatility is not an option, it is a requirement. On to your creative cooking experience...

Ducane Gas Grills Americana is equipped with powder coated heat and corrosion resistant paint. You'll be able to cook for a dozen people at a time with 410 square inches of primary cooking area. Get fired up and ready to cook in no time using 30,000 BTU burners that allow for quick and even heating.

Ducane Gas Grills Americanas required options are a 12,500 BTU rotisserie system, a 16,000 BTU side burner, and a heavyweight grill cover. You'll even get a cookbook. Also, lid handles are on the side, so when you open your grill, your arm is never over the heat source, the burner control knobs are child-proof because they are removable. For the serious barbeque chef , total cooking power 58,500 BTU and 545 square inches of cooking area will ensure your success.