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Cast iron cookware is the original "non-stick" cooking surface your outdoor kitchen needs

Cast iron cookware is simply the best, find it below using our online merchant guide for your indoor- outdoor kitchen. Nothing sticks to seasoned cast iron cookware, it can't peel or scratch, and it's even rust resistant if properly seasoned. Dutch ovens and Jambalaya pots for your outdoor kitchen heat evenly, which ends hot spots and burnt food, it keeps hot food hot longer.

Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware...

Is the process of allowing oil to be absorbed into the iron, creating a non-stick, rustproof finish. To protect cast iron cookware from rusting during storage manufacturers use a wax coating. So use a stiff brush with hot, soapy water and wash thoroughly. Then rinse and dry completely. Oil your iron inside and out with vegetable shortening and lard. If your outdoor kitchen cookware piece is small enough to fit in the oven, bake it at 350 degrees for an hour, and let it cool down slowly.

Choosing cast iron cookware for your indoor- outdoor kitchen is easy. If you want a skillet or frying pan choose the size most comfortable for you. But make sure you avoid ones with wooden handles, these are useless for oven cooking and camp cooking. When cooking with a griddle, get it good and hot on the stovetop, choose what is comfortable. Dutch ovens will hold a good even temperature better than any metal, and will switch from stovetop to oven easily.

Other equipment includes charcoal grills, natural gas, and smoker grills, plus grill islands and electric.