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Aussie grills offer you the perfect centerpiece for your backyard patio

Aussie grills are designed with a unique purpose, not only are they created to provide you with great outdoor cooking, but also to serve as a centerpiece for your backyard patio. Aussie grills are designed with class and their own style. Their two main product lines are the Bonza and the Kanga as well as a charcoal model and  Walk-A-Bout.

Aussie grills Bonza is for the true "American Style" cook which comes in two, three, and four burner models. It features a one piece porcelain coated steel hood with a heat indicator and a hardwood full length handle. The two burner Bonza has a capacity of 24,000 BTUs and 488 square inches of cooking area, a matchless ignition system, locking casters and wheels, and cast iron burners that a five year warranty cover.

Aussie grills Kanga is a good choice for those who like to cook on an open range. Similiar to the Bonza offering two, three, and four burner models, its heating capacity is slightly more powerful at 33,000 BTUs,with a slightly smaller cooking area at 352 square inches. The Kanga has a pre-assembled grill body along with locking casters and wheels for easy maneuverability, a matchless ignition system, and heavy duty, long lasting cast iron burners.

Finally two other popular Aussie grills are the Monero Charcoal BBQ and the Walk-A-Bout. The Monaro features a sturdy hardwood cart, extra wooden shelf and removable steel charcoal basket with ash pan. The Walk-A-Bout features easy rolling wheels, and a latch for hanging, and locking legs. Adjustable temperature control for the criss cross cooking grid which provides 332 square inches of cooking surface. Plus phenolic handles keep your handles cool.