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The best kept secret is the Altima gas grill

The Altima gas grill has become one of the best kept secrets in outdoor grilling equipment. It is one of the most efficient and technologically advanced gas grills on the market today. The craftsmen of the altima outdoor grill researched performance, durability, and ease of operation. This research has led to a superior grill, here's why...

The Altima has exclusive fire brick lining for superior heat retention and distribution. Optional charcoal wood box for cooking with lump charcoal. So your able to cook with gas, infrared, or charcoal. Durable grates made from commercial grade stainless steel. The Altima grill has up to six individually-controlled stainless steel gas burners, both for direct and indirect cooking.

You'll be able to barbecue for a lifetime, the altima grill
is constructed of 16 gauge 304 stainless steel. It is hand welded with seamless construction. Heat distribution is enhanced because of the Altima grills construction-style cooking vents. It is easy to start due to its continuous firing electronic ignitors. Lastly you have a choice of Altima gas barbecues with a cooking area of up to 1142 square inches of cooking surface.